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It’s only a game

Staffers at Views not News are suffering from FSAD: Football Season Affective Disorder. Sadly, no one at VnN HQ saw the light back in August 2015 when Ladbrokes offered the now not-so-crazy odds on Leicester City’s Premiership campaign.

So who’s not sick at missing out on a 5000-1 ‘certainty’? Well, certain now on this final morning of April 2016, anyway?

There can’t be many easier ways of making a wedge for so little effort. United’s mostly morose LVG must now stand for Leicester’s Victory Game. Even without suspended Jamie Vardy.

And even if they don’t win on Sunday thanks to a very unsporting Man U mistakenly thinking their league position means anything at all to anyone, most teams, Tottenham apart, beat Chelsea at the Bridge nowadays (Leicester’s final game this season) so BIG Congrats Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri.

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“You’ve all done very well.”

Theatre of Dreams

Yet for one man there’s an even more rewarding game than footie. A game that pays out much MUCH more. It’s called retailing. Read more…


Post-vacation perils of duty-free shopping for the office

You know how it is. Been on hols. Seems like ages. Want to buy an office treat on your return. Something ‘interesting’. Like men plus Christmas presents, you leave it to the last minute…the airport.

Big mistake.

The outward journey should be warning enough. For all the glitz and ‘Tax Free’ seduction of Duty Free, you’d be better off shopping at one of the discounters. Or Tesco.

The promise of gain

The promise of gain

Or particularly Waitrose if you’d imagined yourself, let’s say, enjoying a sundowner overlooking the Med with friends and a…post-Wimbledon Pimms. Let’s say. (Or ‘Peems’ as you have to say it, in Spain.)

Waitrose’s promo price for 1 litre of Pimms, last month: £12. (Difficult to get on the plane, though.)
Gatwick Airport’s promise of ‘at least 30% off selected spirits’: £22 for 1 litre bottle of the stuff.
Or £14.95 for the 70cl bottle.
Mas y Mas’ (a Spanish supermarket) price for 70cl bottle of Peems: 14.75 euros.
Do the math. Bargain.

Shop local as they say. But that was all on the Outbound Journey. Shoudda learned from that.

But didn’t. Read more…

Bringing brands into disrepute

I’ve not read anything by Alistair Campbell. Nor will I. Ever.

Another socialist Tony (Blair) ‘crony’ exploiting his ex-public taxpayer-funded position as director of communications for the Labour party for private, current, capitalist gain.

FT lette

Economical with the truth? (Letter to the FT)

The word ‘shameless’ springs to mind.

As was getting a free ride and a plug for his book (I’m not giving it air time here) in an interview with the BBC’s Evan Davis on Newsnight, last week.

And you thought Andy Coulson was an error of prime ministerial judgement.

Campbell’s shameless assertion: if you want political success be like Chelsea Football Club’s ‘Special One’ – aka the now reformed and post Capital One Cup’s extremely ‘Happy One’ – José Mourinho. “Don’t lie, ever,” says Campbell; “but don’t always tell the truth.” Just like the last couple of lines in the above inset, but slightly fuzzy, letter ‘image’.

I thought this was called deception…? Treating punters like mugs..? As did the now infamous and suspended US TV reporter, Brian Williams, who was found not to be in the helicopter which came under fire and was shot down as he had previously claimed he was.

Good job we in the UK aren’t celebrating anything special this year…like 800 years of parliamentary democracy thanks to Magna Carta which laid down the foundations of our democracy.

Tenuous sporting (or military) analogies and their lessons for business are at best contrived and at their worst just charlatanism: the purest form of ‘authority by association’. Taking Mourinho’s tactics and applying them to politics shows just how off-side shallow Al must be. Politics isn’t a game. The man obviously has no hinterland.

Our political leaders and their party supporters could do a lot better actually to forget rather than try to emulate José. They should act like the brands they represent and how they are supposed, publicly, to be. Read more…