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Email biters bit

Surprised to read that meedja folk don’t like emails. Selling ones, that is.

Announced they’re being snowed by retailers after they bought something from them.


Curious incident of the email in the inbox

But maybe yours was one of the sympathetic 132 comments agreeing with the posting person, Tom Godwin, right.

If you missed / can’t read his post it says: Retailers…..stop signing me up to daily email lists because I’ve bought something from you. Brands needs to get a more realistic view of their importance in people’s lives.

After all, while Tom is completely unknown to VnN, isn’t he directly representative of – or at least a key part of – the industry that advises clients on how they should be selling stuff to customers? You know…how and where to place their comms? And, wait for it, isn’t email on their clients’ media schedule? Somewhere?

Surprised VnN would be (again) if email wasn’t included as part of their clients’ proposed multi-channel strategies.

So why are the media’s advocates getting so het up? Is it still news to anyone that providing your email address to an organisation means they just might use it…? Read more…


Killing the cold call for new business. Really?

Three pieces of headline-grabbing spurious claims: (i) last week’s LinkedIn ‘kill the cold call’ (entry-level sub £36 p/m); (ii) an article by Alan See,  CMO, (@alansee) with the cutely phrased ‘questions are the answer’ proposal; and (iii) more simplistic stuff from Dale Roberts (VP Professional Services for Social CRM Innovator Artesian).

If you never saw these items, an e-e-e-ver so brief summary for you, then:

(i) LinkedIn simply wants you to subscribe to its new service; it argues it has revolutionised the recruitment business and now it’s going to revolutionise the new business prospecting business; hurrah

(ii) Alan See rightly argues that phone interruptions are unwanted but wrongly goes on to argue that, just like classroom teachers, we can elicit all sorts of interesting answers from prospects simply by asking the right questions; as if

(iii) Dale Roberts goes all crime detective-y situation and statistics and telling us that buying behaviour has changed before invoking, you guessed it, new technology and a simple starting point as the solution for we sellers: ‘establish a personal, authentic on-line reputation’; simples

The phrase “those that can’t do…” comes to mind.

What’s clear about all these offers, suggestions and proposals is that their originators don’t actually seem to do any of this kind of work themselves. The impression I get is that they’re more strategic advisers and consultants than Read more…

Why great expectations for new business don’t work

Candidates like me are being looked for. I know this because LinkedIn regularly informs me so.

Not classified anymore

Not classified anymore

Another day, another clutch of emails (what is the right collective term for a wodge of emails hitting your inbox?) and LinkedIn is there, telling me…

Neil: The GIG at DST, Mindshare and Strategic-Move are looking for candidates like you.

Neil: Lis Welsh Search & Selection Ltd, Mindshare and Hays Specialist Recruitment are looking for candidates like you.

Now…do I (a) interrupt what I’m doing to click on these emails and waste my time looking at robot-generated job descriptions for amazingly multi-gifted people. Job descriptions which have only limited relationships to the real world. Or do I (b) just get on with what I’m doing – trying to make a real difference for the agencies I work with?

You guessed right: it’s (a) because I’m always too much of a sucker to resist. Hello time-management gurus: candidates like me are looking for help from you. FOMO therapists especially welcomed.

Publication of one’s own limitations might not be a sensible thing to do. But how many of us can resist the Read more…