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It’s only a game

Staffers at Views not News are suffering from FSAD: Football Season Affective Disorder. Sadly, no one at VnN HQ saw the light back in August 2015 when Ladbrokes offered the now not-so-crazy odds on Leicester City’s Premiership campaign.

So who’s not sick at missing out on a 5000-1 ‘certainty’? Well, certain now on this final morning of April 2016, anyway?

There can’t be many easier ways of making a wedge for so little effort. United’s mostly morose LVG must now stand for Leicester’s Victory Game. Even without suspended Jamie Vardy.

And even if they don’t win on Sunday thanks to a very unsporting Man U mistakenly thinking their league position means anything at all to anyone, most teams, Tottenham apart, beat Chelsea at the Bridge nowadays (Leicester’s final game this season) so BIG Congrats Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri.

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“You’ve all done very well.”

Theatre of Dreams

Yet for one man there’s an even more rewarding game than footie. A game that pays out much MUCH more. It’s called retailing. Read more…


New business and the nonsense of sport

With Rio 2014 looming, footie is entitled to get into a bit of a media frenzy. So Roy Hodgson’s a big news item these days. It’s only once every four years, y’know.

England’s 13th manager sports a well-travelled international management career including spells at Switzerland, Finland and the Arab Emirates; at English club level, Liverpool, WBA and Fulham. And with foreign clubs. A man of stature, to be sure. Not that he’s won anything memorable with anyone.

Them were the days: the joy of six

So is he entitled to argue that “talent gets you to the top but it’s character that keeps you there”, as he did a couple of weeks’ back to a select group of media and marketing leaders? And is it true?

Perhaps he accidentally overlooked serial non-winner and comrade-in-arms Kevin Moyes if the news coming out of Man U right now (as I write this on Monday evening) is anything to go by.

With apologies to Moysie, but ‘talented’, ‘character’? Hmmm, I don’t know the man. But where was the objective evidence? Speaking Scottish seemed to be the main advantage. That way the (mostly) foreign players, if they shut their eyes, might imagine Sir Fergie was still there. Continuity counts.

Anyone’s entitled to their views on football. England managers de jure. Forget English, too: as every football fan knows, football is the world’s most spoken language. Just the magic words ‘David Beckham’ will get you into a conversation anywhere in the world. It has to be England’s greatest cultural export. Read more…