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A mountain to climb at William Hill

Like a flutter? Do online betting? Considered opening an account with William Hill? Don’t.

Check out one of our team’s experience in trying to CLOSE his account with them and get his funds refunded.

Moral of the story: check out how easy it may be to close an online account / get a refund before you ever open one. Check this:

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The home of all hills

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Ian (The agent is responding)

  • Ian: Hi, you’re speaking to Ian. How may I help you?
    You: HI, Just want to close my account. But can’t remember login details, etc.
    You: Hello…?
    Ian: Yes. I am here.
    Ian: I am sad to hear that you would like to close your account.
    You: Don’t be. I don’t use it
    Ian: Can I have you email address associated to your account?
    You: Yep, here:
    Ian: Thank you. Please allow me few minutes to locate your account.
    Ian: For additional verification, may I have your date of birth and answer to your security question: Mother’s Maiden Name
    You: 06.06.1966
    You: Doris
    Ian: Thank you for verifying your account. I understand that you wish to close your account, can I assume that you would like to close it as it is not being used as you mentioned earlier?
    Ian: Or do you have any other reason?
    You: Yes. Forgotten all about it and don’t want ‘charges’ thank you very much.
    Ian: I see. Please allow me few minutes to close your account.
    You: ok
    Ian: Thank you for waiting.
    You: ok
    Ian: Your account is now completely closed.
    You: was there any £££ in it??? Just thought you might have asked J
    Ian: I am looking at £5.00 balance left on your account.
    You: Thanks. So what happens to that?
    You: Hell-oooo…?
    Ian: It will still remain to the account, until you wish to have it withdrawn or reopen the account.
    Ian: I can also see that your account has not been fully age verified.
    You: Don’t understand. You said you were closing the account. So I’d like to withdraw my £balance.
    Ian: If you really wish to have this withdrawn on your account, you would need to send us your documents to completely verify your account.
    You: Such as…?
    Ian: I can have it reopened now. Since we just closed it.
    You: What?
    Ian: Valid photo ID such as driver’s license, national ID or passport. Please ensure that the following details are clearly shown: full name, date of birth, validity period or expiration date and ID photo.
    Ian: Also, proof of address showing the following details: full name, billing address, issue date, logo of the issuing company/authority with valid contact information. Please note that it should be issued within the past six months. We accept utility bills or bank statements.
    You: WHAT??? Jesus! Just to get my £5 money back. Haven’t you got my bank details there?
    Ian: Do you wish to have the £5.00 left be withdrawn from your account?
    You: You’re kidding me right…?
    You: Does everything have to be so slo-o-o-ow?
    Ian: Please be informed that this rules apply to all our customers to protect their account.
    You: Where are you in the world, just for interest’s sake…?
    Ian: William Hill Customer Service are actually located in different locations.
    Ian: Unfortunately, I can not disclose my particular location.
    You: And your current location is…?
    You: Why not? On the moon?
    Ian: Going back, do you wish to have your remaining balance be withdrawn from your account?
    You: OMG. Please…I don’t seem to be making myself clear. I just want to close my account. Have my £££ refunded. Why is this so difficult?
    Ian: I need to know, because if you really wish to withdraw to have it withdrawn, I need to reopen your account. Please answer “yes” or “no”.
    You: Hell-ooo. I am considering calling the Samaritans. To save myself from self harming, YES, YES, YES…!
    Ian: I apologise for having to ask this question. I just need to verify.
    Ian: Alright. I will be reopening your account. Also, like what I mentioned earlier, to completely process your withdrawal for the remaining balance on your account, please submit the documents to
    You: Look, Ian. Let’s call the whole thing off. You can keep my £££. I don’t care. Just PLEASE don’t get back to me with any more dumb questions. I thought that was my job to ask you! Just promise me you won’t levy any charges on my account and you’ll never contact me again. Promise?
    Ian: As I understood from what you said, we will keep you account closed, is that correct?
    You: JEEZ!!!
  • You: Ian, wherever you are…goodbye 🙂 I am calling the Samaritans now.
  • Ian: I never reopen your account and the remaining balance will still be on your account.
    Ian: Thank you for contacting us. If there will be any other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us again. Have a good one!