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It’s only a game

Staffers at Views not News are suffering from FSAD: Football Season Affective Disorder. Sadly, no one at VnN HQ saw the light back in August 2015 when Ladbrokes offered the now not-so-crazy odds on Leicester City’s Premiership campaign.

So who’s not sick at missing out on a 5000-1 ‘certainty’? Well, certain now on this final morning of April 2016, anyway?

There can’t be many easier ways of making a wedge for so little effort. United’s mostly morose LVG must now stand for Leicester’s Victory Game. Even without suspended Jamie Vardy.

And even if they don’t win on Sunday thanks to a very unsporting Man U mistakenly thinking their league position means anything at all to anyone, most teams, Tottenham apart, beat Chelsea at the Bridge nowadays (Leicester’s final game this season) so BIG Congrats Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri.

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“You’ve all done very well.”

Theatre of Dreams

Yet for one man there’s an even more rewarding game than footie. A game that pays out much MUCH more. It’s called retailing. Read more…


Against all odds

13/01/2016 2 comments

Did you buy that lottery ticket?
‘Course you did.
Did you expect to win?
‘Course you didn’t.
But did you still hope to win?
Stu-u-upid question.
And you were surprised when you didn’t?
‘Course you weren’t.
Yet you still spent money on something you knew would be a waste of?
‘Course you did.

I didn't win then, either.

I didn’t win then, either.

Radio 4’s Today prog last Saturday morning featured an interview with Camelot’s marketing director, Sally Cowdry.

One of those interviews presented as news but is actually lavishly lengthy and free PR for the brand involved.

On a BBC tax-payers’ funded channel where advertising doesn’t exist, of course.

Ms Cowdry was defending the indefensible. A bit like Labour’s Corbynistas claiming  Read more…

A new business blame game

What does the Premier League, Patogonia and Publicis-Omnicom have in common? Yes, P’s: they’ve all been parading their dinosaur tendencies these past few weeks.

Richard Scudamore, the Premier League’s boss, has views on women that pre-date the Stone Age. Bones unearthed in Patagonia suggest huge football pitch-sized ‘titanosauruses’ roamed the earth zillions of years ago. And Publicis-Ominicom’s own-goal ‘merger of equals’ (aka ‘a takeover’) prove that fossilised titans aren’t a thing of the past after all.

Publicis Chief executive Levy and Omnicom Group head Wren hold their pens during a joint signature ceremony in Paris...Maurice Levy (L), French advertising group Publicis Chief executive, and John Wren, head of Omnicom Group, hold their pens during a joint signature ceremony in Paris, July 28, 2013. A proposed mega-merger between global ad agencies Publicis and Omnicom could bring rival accounts such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo under one firm, underscoring the scale of the $35.1 billion deal and the potential conflicts it raises. Picture taken July 28, 2013. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (FRANCE - Tags: BUSINESS MEDIA)

Pen pals’ putative nuptials end in divorce

Meanwhile, faster than you could organise a referendum in Ukraine, exclusive copies of top management’s private emails at the two absolutely equal (of course they are!) agencies have been seen by Views not News staffers. The email exchange can now be revealed to the world. Individuals’ names and precise agency locations have been withheld to protect the (allegedly) guilty.*

Agency P (somewhere in London): Subject: Merger of equals. J, mate, amazing…we’re safe! The whole shebang’s been aborted. Seems like the old codgers have been at each other’s throats all along and they’ve been rumbled. Bi-i-i-g surprise. Market reckons it was just a massive get rich quick shareholder scam. So they’re not gonna get their whacking great shares payout. And no more worries about staff cuts — us! — to pay for it. Back to business as usual!

Agency O (somewhere in New York): Subject: Moe. We know, buddy. Fabulous news. We have our views on Read more…