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It’s only a game

Staffers at Views not News are suffering from FSAD: Football Season Affective Disorder. Sadly, no one at VnN HQ saw the light back in August 2015 when Ladbrokes offered the now not-so-crazy odds on Leicester City’s Premiership campaign.

So who’s not sick at missing out on a 5000-1 ‘certainty’? Well, certain now on this final morning of April 2016, anyway?

There can’t be many easier ways of making a wedge for so little effort. United’s mostly morose LVG must now stand for Leicester’s Victory Game. Even without suspended Jamie Vardy.

And even if they don’t win on Sunday thanks to a very unsporting Man U mistakenly thinking their league position means anything at all to anyone, most teams, Tottenham apart, beat Chelsea at the Bridge nowadays (Leicester’s final game this season) so BIG Congrats Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri.

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“You’ve all done very well.”

Theatre of Dreams

Yet for one man there’s an even more rewarding game than footie. A game that pays out much MUCH more. It’s called retailing. Read more…


Marketing’s solution for a Golden Era

It wasn’t all that long ago that shops put signs in their windows.

Come in and feel free to look around. Entrée libre. No obligation to buy. Browse, even.

Encouraging hesitant customers to come in and look around for free. Diffident, new-to-shopping customers who, in a rapidly developing retail world, thought they might have to pay or buy something if they entered.

Bricks, mortar, shop assistants, gas and later electric lighting. Retail marketing in its infancy.

Bags of fun

Bags of fun

OK that was yester-millennium. So it was all that long ago.

But could anything be more ridiculous than having to pay to go into a shop to buy something. Well, ironically, it may not quite be a thing of the past.

But let’s stick with the here and now.

When the issue of the high cost of visas for our future Chinese shoppers (or ‘tourists’ as they’re called) arose during a certain state visit last week, a straw poll among Views not News’ untrained and mostly voluntary enthusiasts suggested there’s little difference in paying to go shopping (see above) and charging non-cash-strapped Chinese tourists for visas.

So said Chinese can visit the UK and, er, well just …go shopping. In real shops.

Even those proposed steeply discounted visas so that we can get some nuclear power stations built.

Now, VnN understands the government has a few problems, still, in balancing the books. So we’ve taken the liberty of suggesting a very simple nudge-like (see earlier post) marketing solution to make everyone happy: us, the Chinese leadership, the Chinese people, our high street shops struggling to cope with online competitors and, most important of all, VnN’s staffers hoping to make a difference in the world. It’s so simple.

Read more…

Argos moves

“By 2017”, the sign outside the Tottenham Court Road development announces, “1500 people will be carried every 30 minutes in main-line sized trains 24 hours a day.”

It’s not quite like this yet

From our new (temporary) offices in Oxford Street, I have an unrivalled view of this, one of the Crossrail development sites. Actually it’s more of a huge being-filled-in hole in the ground rather than anything fancy at the moment.

So just over four years too late, probably, to save the Argos flagship store on New Oxford Street from closure, just a couple of hundred metres away. If it was ever on the list of the 75 planned high street outlet closures recently announced by Argos. Read more…

Get well soon Clintons

Dear Clinton Cards

What a shame. I’m really sorry to hear you’re not feeling great at the moment. I hear your bankers — Barclays and RBS — sold your debts to American Greetings who suddenly decided to call in your loans. And you couldn’t pay. Beastly. I’m sure you won’t have sent them a Thank You American Greetings card.

Getting personal

Funny, but although I never really used to visit you ‘by name’ — you know, I never went shopping looking for a ‘Clinton Card Shop’ — you were pretty much always around. You were never a destination store such as Waterstones (they’ve dropped their apostrophe, I seem to remember) who took on WH Smith by allowing their book-loving staff to become brand advocates. Yet I know I’m going to miss you if you really don’t get better. Here’s why:

I don’t do online cards. You can call me old-fashioned, but I think you’ll find I’m not alone. Indeed, the statistic that always gets chucked about like so much surprise-surprise confetti is that we Brits spend more on greetings cards than we do on tea and coffee. The type of tea and coffee Read more…