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Email biters bit

Surprised to read that meedja folk don’t like emails. Selling ones, that is.

Announced they’re being snowed by retailers after they bought something from them.


Curious incident of the email in the inbox

But maybe yours was one of the sympathetic 132 comments agreeing with the posting person, Tom Godwin, right.

If you missed / can’t read his post it says: Retailers…..stop signing me up to daily email lists because I’ve bought something from you. Brands needs to get a more realistic view of their importance in people’s lives.

After all, while Tom is completely unknown to VnN, isn’t he directly representative of – or at least a key part of – the industry that advises clients on how they should be selling stuff to customers? You know…how and where to place their comms? And, wait for it, isn’t email on their clients’ media schedule? Somewhere?

Surprised VnN would be (again) if email wasn’t included as part of their clients’ proposed multi-channel strategies.

So why are the media’s advocates getting so het up? Is it still news to anyone that providing your email address to an organisation means they just might use it…? Read more…


What’s happening to loyalty?

We’re all being very disloyal. I’m guilty, too. I admit it. Shame on us.

The big four supermarkets are complaining about us. M&S is complaining. Waitrose is complaining. They’re very unhappy with us. We’re not showing our gratitude for their being in a permanent state of price war. On our behalf.

Worth the plastic they're printed on?
Worth the plastic they’re printed on?

Perhaps the phrase ‘the English are never so happy as when they are complaining’ should be changed to ‘retailers are never so happy as when…’. You get the drift. They do seem to do a lot of it.

(Editor’s aside: If the SNP gets to hold the balance of power at Westminster after May 7th…the English will have every right to non-stop complaining.)

Low low food prices aren’t tempting us to put more food in our (their) shopping baskets. Ditto free cappuccinos. (Should that be cappuccini?)

Instead we’re going out and splurging on TVs and iPhones, eating out and holidays. Leisure things. Last month’s new car sales reached a new record, too.

Selfish ingrates that we are.

Sunlit uplands

Sunlit uplands

Why? Partly because confidence levels are returning. And slightly partly because it’s Happy New Tax Year. Allowances have increased. We’ll all have more disposable income, goes the theory. Lucky us. So post-austerity treats is what we’re wanting first.

Especially lucky (and thoroughly undeserving – according to the thoroughly deserving young) oldies can now cash in their pensions. Starting this week. What larks!

So it’ll be bling and Maseratis next. Not more bangers and mash. Shame on them, too. Free Granny Pass not good enough for them? Do you know what the insurance premium on a supercar is for the average 65 year-old? Read more…