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We’re hiring! Why every job isn’t fantastic.

If you happened to be scanning a jobs section and this popped up, would you give it a second thought?

Marketing assistant 
Dull and limited position demanding masses of isolated and unrewarding routine work and with no likely future prospects for candidates hugely unconcerned about success…show more

And even though it may not be your ‘thing’, how about this one?

Marketing executive
Exciting and varied role inviting masses of individual and rewarding research work and with infinite likely future prospects for candidates hugely passionate about succeeding…show more

See what we did there? It’s the same job!

Melbourne boring jobs

Management excluded: they rarely come in on Fridays

So it seems churlish even to have asked the question, doesn’t it.

Yet the first ‘extract’, above, is often the subtext for what many marketing jobs are really like and how they sometimes end up becoming.

So why is this? Why is it that every advertised job is, potentially, such a great opportunity? When, as we all know from experience, as VnN staffers will readily testify, reality can be rather different.

Enter, briefly, 44-year old Parisian Frédéric Desnard. As was reported in last week’s press, Frédéric didn’t think his job was that great. Not for four, depressing years in fact.

So Frédéric, as is the tendency in France among the disgruntled, took action direct. He decided to sue his company for boring him to (near) death. For over four years. He maintains no Read more…


Banking made inhuman

One in five Brits can’t read their bank statements, claims an 82-page FCA report which landed on our desk last week*.

Nope, VnN dudes didn’t read it, either. Finance always sounds so dull. And 82 page-zzz…

Even though we didn’t attend Bank Statement reading classes at school, either, we don’t get why something so basic should be so baffling.

Our bank statements normally come in two simple sizes: ‘overdrawn’ or ‘very overdrawn’.

Banking made inhuman

I obey

But help is on the way.

In our much-loved and exciting technology-led fashion, banks are deploying robots to give us poor financial services-challenged and low-wage, bank-statement-illiterate bobos new, state-of-the-art, robo-advice.

And we said finance was dull? We did.

So in our readers’ interests VnN has done a little digging. Not for gold but for robo-info. Because the future of our individual financial health is likely to get even trickier than not being able to read simple bank statements. Read more…