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Banking made inhuman

One in five Brits can’t read their bank statements, claims an 82-page FCA report which landed on our desk last week*.

Nope, VnN dudes didn’t read it, either. Finance always sounds so dull. And 82 page-zzz…

Even though we didn’t attend Bank Statement reading classes at school, either, we don’t get why something so basic should be so baffling.

Our bank statements normally come in two simple sizes: ‘overdrawn’ or ‘very overdrawn’.

Banking made inhuman

I obey

But help is on the way.

In our much-loved and exciting technology-led fashion, banks are deploying robots to give us poor financial services-challenged and low-wage, bank-statement-illiterate bobos new, state-of-the-art, robo-advice.

And we said finance was dull? We did.

So in our readers’ interests VnN has done a little digging. Not for gold but for robo-info. Because the future of our individual financial health is likely to get even trickier than not being able to read simple bank statements. Read more…